be cocktails

be. cocktails are a poetic blend, capturing the essence of cherished travels and the joy found in life’s finest moments. Crafted by passionate experts, we bring you exquisite cocktails in the most convenient format, offering you the luxury of time to just be. Consisting of award-winning flavours and over 20 years’ experience in the market, we strive to maintain our position as the number 1 traditional ready-to-drink beverage in the UK in the on-trade!*

Our enticing selection of 8.4% ABV signature cocktails, inspired by the finest experiences life has to offer, redefines the home drinking experience. Combining best-in-class spirits, juices, and ingredients with the convenience of nitro-infused cocktails; bar-quality beverages are delivered effortlessly to your home.

Savour both the taste and mouthfeel with our carefully crafted liquids, allowing you to spend less time preparing cocktails.

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