Reef is back, and better than ever!

Looking for the drink of the summer? Look no further – Reef is back on shelves, ready to transport the UK back to a time when life was simpler, with its nostalgic taste and still chill vibes.

The new 10 pack is available in B&M, making it perfect for barbecues, pre-drinks, or just getting together with pals to remember the days before responsibilities.

While the bottle and branding has been given a modern makeover, the classic orange and passionfruit flavour remains, so fans can rest assured that it tastes as good as it did back in the day.

Combining a real fruit juice base with vodka, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane for some alcoholic adult juice that’s reminiscent of 90s house parties and dancing ‘til the early hours of the morning to Born Slippy.

Jacob Barrett, Brand Manager at Reef, said “We’re very much experiencing a return to the 90s as a culture, from bucket hats to S Club 7, and Reef feels like the perfect taste to transport people back to the feeling of the decade.

“You might have rent to pay, a job to go to, children to look after – but you also have the memories of a life before all that. We want to help people relive that period and remember those days with a simple sip. Times may have changed, but Reef hasn’t!”

Reef first burst onto the scene in 1998, and fast became a must stock in the fridges of bars and clubs up and down the country. Fans old and new can buy the 10 pack of Reef from B&M stores nationwide this Easter.

It’s not just for the original 90s drinkers. While they might think of Biggie’s ‘Juicy’ when they hear the word, Reef is set to bring a whole new meaning to ‘juicy’ for the next generation.

Reef is also available in 24 packs via Good Time In: Reef Orange & Passion Fruit (24 x 275ml) – Good Time In