About Us

We are Global Brands; we are the UK’s leading independent drinks expert and the creator of a range of great-tasting alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Not heard of Global Brands? Don’t worry we bet you’ve heard of the brands that fall under the Global Brands name. We’ve developed a lot since 1997, where we started out from a vision from our founder and Chairman, Steve Perez.

What we aim for

We aim to enhance moments one drink at a time, no matter where you are or who you’re with. 

It’s more than just a drink to us.

What we stand for

We have an open culture promoting mutual respect, commitment and drive so our people come first with that family feeling.

We are quality, technical and commercial experts in all areas with effective and efficient processes, so we have the business excellence.

We are always growing as we continuously improve, innovate and look to the future.

Taste comes above all else, we only use the finest ingredients and always strive for perfection with the flavours we create.

Our story

In 1997, Steve Perez set-up Global Brands, unafraid of the dominance of large brands in the popular ready-to-drink market.

After experimenting with vodka and different flavours, Steve spotted a gap in the market for a vodka-based drink. VK was born, with the first bottle going on sale in 1997 and well we all know the rest…

Now, Global Brands has become a major independent drinks business that offers 15 brands for every occasion, from premium tonic waters and soft drinks to spirits, liqueurs and canned cocktails.

Global Brands also expands beyond drinks and in 2010, the four-star Casa Hotel was built and opened and has become an award-winning hotel and is the home of Global Brands Head Office. The portfolio continued to grow as Steve acquired the Red Lion restaurant which holds a special place in his heart as his father restored it back in 1966 and now it’s known alongside Peak Edge Hotel since they were adjoined in 2018.