Global Brands announce carbon neutral credentials and emissions reduction strategy

  • Global Brands, the independent UK drinks business behind VK, Hooch, Franklin & Sons, Shake Baby Shake and more, and the largest supplier of packaged cocktails to the UK off-trade, have announced a new sustainability strategy and targets for net zero.
  • As part of this, the business is now carbon neutral through offsetting, by investing in wind power initiatives in several developing countries, while trialling and implementing carbon reduction tactics to reach net zero.
  • Over the long-term, the strategy will result in a 40% reduction in emission per £M turnover by 2030, with the remainder offset, and a 92% reduction in emissions per £M turnover by 2050, again utilising carbon offsetting projects to achieve Net Zero Carbon status.


Global Brands, the independent UK drinks company behind household names including VK, Hooch, Franklin & Sons, Shake Baby Shake and more, have committed to a sustainability journey to reach net zero by 2050.

The Derbyshire-based drinks business is the largest supplier of packaged cocktails to the UK off-trade with brands including VK and Shake Baby Shake, and resides over the second largest premium tonic brand in the UK on-trade, Franklin & Sons. They acquired Hooch, Hooper’s and Reef from Molson Coors earlier this year.

The sustainability journey for Global Brands commits to a path to net zero by 2050, with a 92% reduction in emissions per £M turnover and the remainder offset. By 2030, Global Brands will have a 40% reduction in emissions per £M turnover and the remainder offset.

The drinks business has achieved carbon neutral status this year, offsetting current carbon emissions while starting to reduce scope 1, 2 and some of scope 3 emissions. Emissions are based on an assessment by Carbon Footprint Ltd of the operational emissions across Global Brands facilities and transport activities.

Current carbon reduction strategies across the business include running operations from solar panels on the roof of the company’s 181,000 square foot warehouse, starting to switch the lorry fleet to HVO fuels, and commitments to reduce single use plastic across the business.

Key to the carbon reduction strategy is a focus on logistics and distribution – the main source of carbon emissions across Global Brands. By 2030, the entire lorry fleet will run on HVO fuels.

In the short term, Global Brands are supporting several projects that compensate for emissions that can’t be reduced immediately. To achieve this, Global Brands are investing in wind power initiatives in several developing countries, reducing and removing emissions, creating jobs and improving livelihoods, reducing dependency on other countries for energy, and protecting natural resources. These projects are across North West Africa, the Dominican Republic, and India, and are managed through Verified Carbon Standard, the world’s leading greenhouse gas crediting program.

Across the Global Brands portfolio, 100% of cans, plastic, and glass bottles are recyclable, with 90% of brands utilising 100% recyclable paper labels.

Zehra Gezer, Head of Marketing Projects at Global Brands: “At Global Brands, it’s our mission to continue creating and delivering delicious liquids and remarkable brands, enjoyed the world over.

“Many of our products such as Hooch and VK, are easy-drinking beverages for partying and fun, and these shouldn’t come with an environmental impact.

“Likewise, sourcing and infusing the most remarkable ingredients from across the globe into every Franklin & Sons product, shouldn’t be at the expense of increased emissions.

“Across Global Brands, we do recognise that we operate in a significantly single use industry, with many products in our category prioritising convenience over sustainability. But having a good time and enjoying remarkable drinks shouldn’t be at the expense of the environment.

“We understand that offsetting emissions is only a part of reducing our carbon footprint in the short-term, and long-term action is ultimately required to become truly carbon neutral.

“However, we believe it is important to do everything in our power to balance our impact as a business in the here and now, so we are proud to support a number of projects that compensate for the emissions we cannot reduce immediately by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving elsewhere.

“Through an active carbon emissions reduction strategy, we’re committed to reaching net zero by 2050, and this sustainability journey will underpin and encourage sustainable growth, especially as we continue to expand internationally and supply drinks that can be enjoyed the world over to more consumers.”


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