Dance. Drink. Recycle. Repeat. Removing an estimated 328 tonnes of virgin plastic from the supply chain in 2023.

VK has been voted the no. 1 ready-to-drink for students in the UK for past 8 years (CGA, NUS Drinks Tracker 2023). With the majority of VK consumers between the ages of 18-24 years old, this demographic are particularly interested in the environment and increasingly looking for products and brands that work to limit their impact on the planet. With that in mind, it was a no-brainer for Global Brands to begin its sustainability journey with VK. 

Dance. Drink. Recycle. Repeat

Our PET bottles are 92% R-PET (PET plastic that has been recycled, reprocessed, and made into something new). They are 100% recyclable. Using R-PET helps create a circular economy by keeping materials that have already been extracted from the earth in circulation. It supports the recycling industry, saves energy and resources and diverts these plastics from landfill.

We are also using less plastic packaging in our POS (Point of Sale), have stopped providing single use plastic POS and are using recycled plastic in our POS where possible. The shrink wrap on our cases is 100% recyclable and we have moved to using 30% recycled shrink wrap on all our cases too.

VK are also educating customers on the recycling of its products and make it easier for them to recycle. We are doing this through in-venue visibility, including posters, recycling bottle bins and screen media. Venue staff are also being provided with briefing documents and online training modules to provide information to consumers who request it.