Wind Farm Project - Dominican Republic

The Larimar Wind Farm project generates clean electricity using wind energy. The project involves the construction and operation of two wind farms located in the Enriquillo Region of the Dominican Republic.
 “Larimar I” has 15 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 49.5 MW; and “Larimar II” has 14 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 48.3 MW. The total installed capacity of the wind farm is 97.8 MW.

The project owner, EGE Haina, has invested more than 5 million dollars in social development projects that benefit 12 communities around their wind farms. The contributions include the rehabilitation and interconnection of the electric transmission networks in this area of the country; the construction, improvement, and equipment for educational, sporting, cultural and sanitary facilities. Also, the construction and renovation of roads.

The residents of the municipality of Enriquillo, Barahona province, have benefitted from health services by means of medical outreach programs, renovations and equipment for the laboratory and the emergency room of the hospital.

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: Affordable and Clean Energy, Climate Action

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