LUSTRE Launches

A new range of plant-based cream liqueurs from independent drinks producer and distributor Global Brands is launching across the UK this week.

LUSTRE, a luxury cream liqueur, is launching in the UK this summer, coming to popular bars, pubs, and late-night venues across the country. You can also buy the range directly from Good Time In for £16.50 inc. VAT per 70cl bottle.

The creamy liqueur category is currently growing 36% year on year,6 with this new range expanding on the success of other offerings while delivering an innovative fully vegan, plant-based product.

The product is an easy-drinking, premium liqueur that’s inclusive of vegan consumers and has a reduced environmental impact over dairy products.

A study carried out by the brand revealed that 75% of consumers prefer easy-drinking shots with less alcohol warmth,7 opting for lighter cream liqueurs over spirits.

A further 71% of consumers are looking for more sustainable options daily.8 The sustainable plant base, made from an innovative soya protein and coconut oil blend, produces three times less CO2 emissions and 95% less water per litre than dairy-based liquids.9

Following extensive product development, a sensory survey by the brand revealed that 85% of consumers prefer the taste of the innovative plant-based range.

The premium packaging and inclusivity of the fully-vegan product is set to make the product popular among groups and for in-venue bottle-to-table serves. 1 in 2 (46%) of consumers are willing to pay more for high quality, premium products.10

The range consists of three flavours, each championing luxury, indulgence, and sustainability, but with a different base spirit.

Pineapple cream with rum has notes of pineapple and lush coconut, with the body of rum.

Strawberry cream with tequila contains strawberry paired with classic cream, and underpinned by the earthy warmth of high-quality tequila.

Caffe Latte cream with vodka uses subtle coffee notes, swathed in cream and paired with clean vodka to create a silky smooth and sophisticated liquid.

Charlie Leaver, Head of Brand said: “Post-pandemic, we have seen demand for lower ABV shots shoot up as an affordable and fun way to celebrate with friends. LUSTRE provides an opportunity to share a little luxury with friends in the form of a delicious creamy shot, that being plant based is truly inclusive. We’re excited for LUSTRE to add its sheen to nights out in the UK.”

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