Julian Atkins - Managing Direction

Julian joined Global Brands in 2009, bringing a wealth of experience from Heineken, where he spent seven years in various commercial roles. Prior to this, his career began at Nestlé, dedicating six years to honing his commercial acumen.

As Managing Director, Julian steers the helm of Global Brands, guiding the company’s overall strategic direction. His firm but fair leadership style, combined with a meticulous eye for commercial detail, ensures the organisation stays on a path of sustainable growth and innovation. Julian’s adeptness in balancing big-picture strategy with the nuances of day-to-day operations makes him a cornerstone of the company’s continued success.

Outside of the office, Julian’s passion for life extends to spending quality time with his family and friends. He is an avid outdoorsman, often found on the riverbank engaged in fishing or walking his dogs, and he also takes great pleasure in cooking, exploring new culinary delights in his leisure time.