Dale Perry - International Sales Manager

How long have you worked at Global Brands?

A mere 8 months and counting.

Describe Global Brands’ work environment in 5 words

Genuine. Fun. Ambitious. Dynamic. Challenging (in a good way…for the most part!) 

What makes you proud to work for Global Brands?

It’s an honest, independent business with good brands and great people who are all working together to try to do the right thing for each other and for the company. From my experience, that’s surprisingly rare.

What’s your biggest accomplishment at Global Brands?

With the help of our team and distributor, we secured a listing with a major national wholesaler in Germany, my biggest market. Either that or my beer-pong winning streak at Brand Day.

What’s the best project you’ve worked on, and why?

Bar Convent Berlin. We were littered with every challenge imaginable in the build-up to the event. But a really special team of colleagues supported each other to not just survive the show but do so with amazing spirit and atmosphere despite ‘running on fumes’ for the most part. To me, this epitomised a great team! #Voulez-Vous

What’s your favourite product by Global Brands? And why?

Franklin & Sons. As a self-confessed brand geek, I love the heritage, the image and the personality of this brand. Not to mention it tastes good!

So, just out of curiosity, what is your favourite packet of crisps?

Doritos Cool Original. It wouldn’t always be a 1st choice but is a reliable and steady hand which has helped me through many dark times (hangovers).

If you had one piece of advice to someone wanting a career in the drinks industry what would it be?

Don’t get too high on your own supply. It’s an incredibly fun and exciting industry to work in but exercising some self-control is key. And that’s coming from a Scotsman!