Bhavid Holcroft - Brand Coordinator

How long have you worked at Global Brands?

Around five months

Describe Global Brands’ work environment in 5 words

Busy, entertaining, knowledgeable, innovative, and encouraging!

What makes you proud to work for Global Brands?

To work for a company who provides fun alcohol and encourages a good time.

What’s your biggest accomplishment at Global Brands?

Brand day of course, speaking in front of the whole company was a major milestone as it was my first-time public speaking, I was nervous though; pretty sure I left the mic all sweaty just ask Charlie!

What’s the best project you’ve worked on, and why?

The best project I’ve worked on so far was the lunch! Trade show in London in mid-September. It was encouraging to see so much interest In MANGO GO! and our stall. Plus, there was a Jurassic world exhibition next door, and all the freebies made it more memorable.

What’s your favourite product by Global Brands? And why?

MANGO GO! MANGO GO! MANGO GO! what’s not to love, its one of your five A Day, a source of vitamin C, only 80 calories per can and so much more! (Pretty sure Jerome would kill me if I said any other brand)

So, just out of curiosity, what is your favourite packet of crisps?

I’m not a crisp guy really to be honest, but I do have three caramel rice cakes at lunch, Aldi version of course. I’m sure when I get promoted to a brand manager, I’ll be able to afford Snack-A-Jacks haha.

If you had one piece of advice to someone wanting a career in the drinks industry what would it be?

Being so young, it’s hard for me to pass on my wisdom but I’d have to say you’ve got to like drinking and enjoy the products you’re marketing. If there’s no passion for what you’re trying to advertise, and market, find something else you enjoy doing and creating!