Andy Laidlow - Head of Technical

How long have you worked at Global Brands?

21 years – Crikey that makes me old!

Describe Global Brands’ work environment in 5 words

Friendly, fast-moving, relentless, fun!

What makes you proud to work for Global Brands?

Seeing our products being enjoyed by people, or on shelf and in fridges, knowing I am a part of creating them.

What’s your biggest accomplishment at Global Brands?

Probably the work we have done on Franklin & Sons. It is a very impressive, premium product which looks and tastes great.

What’s the best project you’ve worked on, and why?

This may sound strange, but probably when we attempted to fully suspend glitter in Corky’s many years ago. The trial liquid turned into Jelly and was technically a complete disaster. We couldn’t get it in or out of the bottle! Ultimately, we had to settle for something slightly less impressive. But it was a good learning curve and we found out the hard way how far we can push the boundaries! It’s good that the business is sometimes prepared to ‘take a punt’ on something different/innovative.

What’s your favourite product by Global Brands? And why?

A tough question. I am probably leaning towards Franklin & Sons Ginger Beer (with a large shot of Rum!).

I also think our Shake Baby Shake Cherry Long Island Iced Tea is very good…

So, just out of curiosity, what is your favourite packet of crisps?

Ready Salted Hoola Hoops!

If you had one piece of advice to someone wanting a career in the drinks industry what would it be?

Show an interest in what you are doing. If you don’t, then you are in the wrong business! Be prepared to put in the time and effort, and learn all you can from those around you, and I guarantee you will find it rewarding.