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Franklin & Sons introduce 1886 Cola and Orange & Grapefruit to their award-winning soft drinks range

Thursday, 20 April 2017 14:47
Franklin and Sons: Orange & Pink Grapefruit, and 1886 Cola

After a hugely successful, award-winning, first 20 months since the brand relaunch, Franklin & Sons have extended their premium range of soft drinks by introducing two new in-demand flavours; Valencian Orange & Pink Grapefruit with Lemongrass and 1886 Cola with West African Kola Nut & Colombian coffee bean.

These new variants are consistent with the existing range and use innovative flavour combinations with the signature Franklin’s twist.

In the UK; cola, lemonade and orange are the three biggest flavours of carbonates, equating to 76% of the total soft drink category. Franklin & Sons saw this as an opportunity to expand their range in response to customer demand. The new flavours will sit alongside the other flavours such as Sicilian Lemonade & English Elderflower. Franklin & Sons 1886 Cola combines West African kola nut and Colombian coffee bean to offer a unique cola flavour. The ingredients, both found in the southern hemisphere, are rich in taste and quality. The recipe uses over 10 different herbs and spices, infused with vanilla, producing a sweet, yet dark, flavour. The finest kola nut has been combined with a bean that is green, rather than roasted, which adds to the great cola flavour.

Franklin & Sons Valencian Orange & Pink Grapefruit with Lemongrass brings something completely new to the soft drinks market. The recipe uses perfect fruit combinations to produce a full, refreshing flavour. The sweet, juicy taste of the orange blends with the bitterness of the grapefruit and is balanced by the lemongrass to produce an exciting burst of flavour.

The new flavours have been inspired by the original creations made by the Franklins brothers, who were known for finding unusual pairings. The brothers would travel the globe to discover ingredients from curious locations, creating a well-loved tastes with a twist. 130 years later the Franklins range continues this tradition in its unique soft drink flavourings.

Justin Horsman, Brand Controller at Franklin & Sons said: “Franklin & Sons has seen a consistent surge in interest and sales since its release 20 months ago. As cola and orange flavours are in high demand, we felt it was time for these variants to be added to the range with the signature Franklin’s twist. We have had many requests for these specific flavours, as venues take pride in our British history and provenance, adding to the range only provides these establishments with more choice for their consumers.

He adds “With these flavours we wanted to increase our offering of soft drinks. These additions are great individual flavours but will also pair well with spirits. The 1886 Cola is well suited to dark spirits including rum and bourbon whilst the Orange & Grapefruit pairs particularly well with vodka both of which will support growing trends for the summer”.