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Jungfrau Krauter Likor

The Jungfrau family of liqueurs is made with premium ingredients in Germany, and can be enjoyed straight or as a base for long drinks and energy cocktails.

Jungfrau Krauter Likor is a 30% ABV herbal liqueur containing a carefully selected blend of more than 40 spices, herbs and their roots, fruits and their peels, and flowers. Aniseed, bitter orange and white turmeric are added to achieve the product's unique taste and aroma.

Jungfrau Herbal Schnapps is a 22% ABV herbal schnapps for a lighter experience, yet still with excellent taste and aroma, made with premium ingredients.

Jungfrau is a premium yet value for money challenger brand within Speciality Liqueurs, a category which has doubled in size year on year.

The brand is based on the story of a secret tonic that helped two brothers become the first explorers to reach the summit of Switzerland's notorious Jungfrau Mountain in 1811. Available in 20, 50 and 70cl bottles, Jungfrau's target market is free-spirited and adventurous 18 to 24 year-olds.

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Jungfrau Krautor Likor

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