• Added: 91st March 2020
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We are all in this together

CASA turns blue in support of the NHS
Delivery of Franklin & Son soft drinks and Mangogo energy drinks to the Chesterfield Royal Hospital

We just wanted to update you on what we’re doing at Global Brands to get through these challenging times. The simplest way to summarise our plan is to say we are maintaining what operations we are able, cutting back where we can and trying to support our customers, our local community and our teams at the same time. All within the realms of what is possible under the current Government guidance.

For many of our friends and customers in pubs, bars, cafés and clubs, we really do feel your pain. Our thoughts go out to all our hard-working customers – large and small – who have been asked to close. We know you will all fight hard to come through this in the best way you can and we look forward to that time. We love this industry and we look forward to helping our customers to fight on and get back on their feet as soon as they are able.

For our customers still operating; it’s proving a challenging time too. We are still working hard to ensure your orders are fulfilled on time and in full and will do anything we can to support you through this time. Whilst adhering to all Government guidance, we are still operating our warehouse and distribution facilities to make sure we can deliver our drinks when and where they are needed.

As an independent, family owned business, we may not have the financial backing of many of our larger competitors but we are agile and entrepreneurial so we are trying to support our customers, our employees and our local community in the best way we can.

If you know us as a drinks’ supplier, you may or may not know that we also operate two hotels, Casa Hotel and Peak Edge Hotel, and whilst Peak Edge has now closed, we are maintaining a skeleton service at Casa Hotel to offer accommodation for NHS staff and other key workers. Only this week, one nurse stayed with us off the back of a 95 hour’ week and had time to relax and recuperate before returning to the front line. We just want to do what we can to say thank you to the key frontline workers tirelessly fighting against this pandemic.

We are also providing a takeaway and collection service for food and drink from Casa Hotel and have partnered with local fresh produce suppliers to provide freshly cooked meals and free soft drinks to our friends at Chesterfield Royal Hospital who are tirelessly working on the front line against this virus.  Anything we can do to help.

A freshly cooked food delivery to the Chesterfield Royal & primary care hospital from CASA hotel

As for our team, this is an anxious time too.  We are maintaining a core team to ensure we can deliver essential services and maintain supply to supermarket and shop shelves. Unfortunately, a large part of our wonderful team has been furloughed. For these staff, we are committed to reviewing the situation on a weekly basis and ensuring our teams are kept informed and updated. We will do everything we can to take advantage of the Government support available to help both our business and our amazing team in order to get through these difficult times together.

So, we really are all in this together.

To all suppliers and customers, if you think we can do anything to help support your business specifically during this time, please call: 01246 216000

We would like to thank all of our customers, suppliers and employees for their continued support and in these challenging times we send each and every one of you our very best wishes.

We can’t wait to join you all for a drink when this is all over.