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If the couples from Love is Blind were VK’s…which flavour would they be?


Move aside Love Island, there’s a new absolutely mental reality show in town, Love is Blind and oh boy is it a doozy!

To celebrate the madness we decided to do a little experiment of our own… to see which flavour each couple would be if they were VK’s.

In reality we binged watched the whole series in a day and these ideas came to us in a fever dream that night.

Lauren and Cameron- VK Blue

Ah Lauren and Cameron, absolute babes, like Blue VK they’re popular, lovable and always a good time. Falling in love at break neck speed (they said “I love you” IN EPISODE ONE) and then making us fall in love with them by being absolute bosses, these two are obviously Blue VK.

Mark and Jessica- VK Black Cherry

Mark and Jessica are giving us serious Black Cherry vibes, mainly because Jessica is one mysterious lady, does she love Mark? Does she love Barnett? Did she just feed wine to her dog?

She is Black Cherry to the core and she’s taking Mark along for the ride.

PSA Please don’t give VK to your household pets (duh)

Diamond and Carlton- VK Candy Cane

These two are Candy Cane…because they weren’t around for very long


Damien and Giannina- VK Watermelon

Even after a shaky start Damien and Giannina have proven themselves to be true baes just like VK Watermelon. While they may not have had the fairy-tale ending, the chemistry between them can’t be denied and they ended up back together after the cameras stopped rolling, all together now “awwwww”

Kelly and Kenny- VK Apple & Mango

Kelly and Kenny, written in the stars, both smart go getters and the mum and dad of the group. Just like Apple & Mango these two are smart and happy to advise their fellow contestants and make sure that everyone is getting along nicely…if only that attitude would have lasted until their wedding day… (Justice 4 Kenny)

Amber and Barnett- VK Strawberry & Lime

Amber and Barnett, love them or hate them you can’t deny that like Strawberry & Lime these two have passion by the bucket full. Hitting it off immediately and flirting their way down the aisle, Amber and Barnett brought the heat to Love is Blind. Much to Jessica’s horror…