• Added: 232nd August 2021
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Great Taste Awards 2021

We are still a Great Taste Producer and won 4 stars at the Great Taste Awards 2021.

Great Taste, the world’s most coveted food and drink awards, has announced the stars of 2021. Out of thousands of products sent in from all over the world, Franklin & Sons has been awarded a total of 4 stars, which highlights the excellent performance of the innovative drink range. 

Franklin & Sons is a multi-award winning brand in the Great Taste Awards, stacking up over 20 stars in total across 14 uniquely crafted soft drinks, tonic waters and mixers within five years. The brand now holds the credible ‘Great Taste Producer’ status, being recognised for years of outstanding quality and exceptional taste. 

The Franklin & Sons Rhubarb Tonic Water with Hibiscus achieved a 2-star Great Taste Award which means judges labelled it delightful and outstanding. The panel wrote “This has an alluring rhubarb and custard nose and the flavour is a pleasant surprise. The rhubarb fruit and acidity is there, and there are the floral notes from the hibiscus, then a lovely grown-up bitterness that makes this a refreshing and really-well balanced drink.” 

Franklin & Sons also won two 1-star Great Taste Awards for the Natural Light Tonic Water and the Sicilian Lemon Tonic Water. The Natural Light Tonic Water achieved comments such as “Fresh and not too aggressive on the bubble, a pleasing effervescence. Light flavour notes, a refreshing tonic. Clean, fresh and not too overpowering and very effective as a ‘light’ tonic.” 

With the Sicilian Lemon Tonic Water being commented as a “bright and refreshing tonic has a cleverly judged level of bitterness balanced with sweetness. Lovely lemon too… just waiting for gin!”