• Added: 227th August 2020
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Franklin & Sons Sangria

By Candice Brown

What screams summer more than sangria? Candice has prepared this delicious recipe for you to recreate at home. With just a few simple ingredients, you can serve up this no-fuss cocktail quickly and easily! Bringing a taste of the Spanish summer to your next party.


White wine
Extra dry martini
2 lemons
2 limes
Several sprigs of fresh mint
Fresh raspberries
Sister’s Soda Guava & Lime


  1. Combine white wine and dry martini in a large sharing carafe filled
    with ice.
  2. Add the juice from a 1 fresh lime.
  3. Top with Sister’s Soda Guava & Lime.
  4. Chop two lemons and two limes and add to the carafe along with several springs of mint and fresh raspberries.

Give it a stir, serve and enjoy! 

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