• Added: 331st November 2019
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Expanding Clay Cross warehouse in £7million development

The current expansion work sees the first phase of a £7m scheme, that will increase the size of Global Brands Ltd.’s national distribution centre, situated in Clay Cross. The increase in capacity will see the warehouse grow from 120,000 sq. to 158,000 sq. feet, holding over 10,000 pallets. The continued success of VK, Hooch and Franklin & Sons has required the company to increase the size of the distribution centre.

Over the past year the company has employed an additional 21 people, bringing new jobs to the Clay Cross community. Chairman Steve Perez explains, “This is the first phase of our expansion plans, we have had to increase our logistic capability due to the fantastic success of our core brands. Shake Baby Shake and All Shook Up grab and go canned cocktails are now available in most supermarkets and we are exporting to over 30 countries internationally.”

Second phase plans see the company building a state-of-the-art canning line, and Global Brands Ltd project manufacturing over 50m cans within the first year, increasing to over 100m units by year two. Steve goes on to say, “this is really exciting for the area, we will be employing an additional 40 staff on the line and within our distribution centre. Our brands are British made with 99% of the components made in the UK and exported worldwide.”