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6 Ways To Entertain Yourself At Home

6 Ways To Entertain Yourself At Home

We love nothing more than going out and hitting the clubs but given recent events, we’ve decided it might be best to hang up our dancing shoes – just for a little while. If you’re also staying in and worried you’re gonna be bored AF, then don’t stress! We’re here with a few ideas on how you can keep yourselves busy and make staying in the new going out!

1. Duvet Day

You might not want to make this one a regular thing but it will definitely pass some time! Grab your duvet, pillows and as many snacks as you can carry. Once you’ve created your ultimate set up, it’s time to get watching. Smash out those box sets you’ve been waiting to watch and that cheesy chick-flick, no one’s going to judge you.

2. Learn a New Hobby

It’s the perfect time to get out your comfort zone and try something new, you never know you could find your new life calling! Yoga pro, speed ironing or building something weird and wonderful out of VK bottles, who knows?

3. Download Tik Tok

You can easily kill a few hours scrolling through Tik Tok, laughing at silly videos of dancing dogs or celebrities trying the latest craze. Even better, get creating your own videos to share with friends and give everyone a laugh.

4. Dance It Out

After all those movie marathons and smashing the snacks it’s probably a good idea to get moving, stick on your favourite tunes and dance like no one’s watching!

5. Ready, Steady, Cook

Dust off those pots and pans and get cooking! Try a new recipe or recreate a meal from your favourite restaurant, who knows you could create something delicious – don’t forget your obligatory Instagram snap to show off your newly found cooking skills!

6. Virtual Night Out

All the fun of a night on the town without leaving your house. Get your VK mixed pack, arrange a video call with your friends and share around your best playlist. Play some drinking games and dance the night away. The best part, no need to get dressed up or faff around getting taxis.