Mark James

Group Managing Director

How long have you been with Global Brands?
I have been with working with Steve Perez for 25 years and been with Global Brands for 22 years!

Why did you start Global Brands?
Steve and I were trading and selling a whole range of different products, until we saw a gap in the market to produce our first brand, VK. We both had a real passion for brands and have always worked well together. We decided to go ahead and form Global Brands together in 1997.

How would you describe your time at Global Brands?
There have been a lot of highs and successes but also very challenging at times, as expected. We began trading products on a very small scale in the beginning, which led us to innovating and developing new products, I’m proud to say that Global Brands has now become a major international drinks business

How has your career progressed over your time at Global Brands?
My career has transitioned a lot over the last 20 years at Global, after originally starting out as a sales trader and I realised I had a strong passion for this and making deals happen.

The main change in my role as the business has grown, is from being involved in everything when we were a small-scale operation to then moving on to primarily focusing on driving sales. These days as we have grown I can’t be involved in everything, so I’m primarily responsible for driving business performance, leading strategy and decision making across all aspects of the business.

How has Global Brands changed since you began working here?
I have seen the business grow from a team of just 4 employees in small offices, to having over 100 employees in a much larger capacity. We’ve grown into a really strong team, with fantastic people across the business all working hard with the same passion to succeed.

What is the best thing about working at Global Brands?
I enjoy developing products with a great team, from the initial idea to bringing everything together to create the finished product.

Some of my proudest moments include drinking a Franklin & Sons tonic in the Four Seasons Hotel in London, to seeing it on the shelves in Harrods and then further afield in Dubai.  It is fantastic to see people all over the world enjoying our products.

I feel that we now have the strongest team of people at Global than ever before and I am excited for the next 25 years.