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London Rd - British Cocktails

Long considered an American invention, the cocktail’s roots can actually be traced back to 18th Century London.

London Rd Cocktails celebrates the work of the city’s earliest mixologists in launching a fashion which has spanned centuries and embraced flavours from across the globe.



Creating the perfect Mojito is all about balancing the flavours. The London Rd Cuban Mojito opens with a sharp punch of lime which is replaced by sweet notes of brown sugar and white rum before fading to the cooling tones of fresh mint. Serve over ice and garnish with fresh mint leaves.


The London Rd Cosmo delivers great refreshment by being neither too sweet nor too tart. The sweetness drawn from the succulent orange is perfectly rounded by the purity of the vodka, cranberry juice and sharp lime flavours. Serve over ice and garnish with zesty orange.


The London Rd Singapore Sling is the ultimate blend of sweet and sour. The initial fruity burst of sweet cherry and zesty orange flavour is quickly balanced by the bitters and botanicals of the London Dry Gin. Serve over ice and garnish with cherries.

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